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Pedigree Software Family History Genealogy System

Tall Trees in PediTree

PediTree can layout a Descendant or Ancestor tree with the Ancestor on right or left hand side of the page in a compact format which allows all the chosen level of detail to be shown without truncation. The first example shown illustrates a descendant chart with the ancestor on the right and children from top to bottom. It illustrates both a blood line from myself, and a multiple marriage to show that the second marriage carries my ancestry. These double lines may continue across pages to clarify descendancy when the first marriage takes up space with lots of children.

PediTree family descent

The second example is an Ancestor plan made into a Tall Tree with the Ancestor again on the right. Text can be left, centre or right justified. Ancestry Blood lines can be a different colour and line thickness from the main body background lines. This layout is like the UK style birth brief but with varying amount of detail and omitting space for unknown ancestors.

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