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Pedigree Software Family History Genealogy System

PediTree Demonstration/evaluation Version

To download the free demonstration/evaluation version of PediTree - the March 2010 release - just right-click on PediTree demo setup program (1.4Mb) and choose 'Save …' to download the setup file to your hard disk. When you run the setup file it will, by default, install PediTree into the c:\pedigree folder.

If you already have Pedigree for DOS installed in that folder, then it is recommended that you select a different folder (c:\ptdemo perhaps).

Wherever you install, it will not interfere with your existing program and databases, but those databases will be visible to PediTree.

The demonstration version is limited to storing data on a maximum of 170 individuals and has no printing capability.

A database Royal03 is provided for you to try out the program on. The Getting Started Booklet (PDF 1.1Mb) has several tutorial chapters using the database to demonstrate the program's facilities.

For technical enquiries, contact Pedigree Software.

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