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Pedigree Software Family History Genealogy System


PediTree has faciilties to display, print and amend a tabular form of any list that has been made by filling, indexing or filtering a number of records of any type, such as Person, Marriage, Source or Census.

Tables can be filed as images of pages, or in text as Tab delimited or Comma Separated Variables for using in a spreadsheet program or as Rich Text Format for Microsoft Word and similar programs.

This example of a table was the first page of 125 Person records filtered from a list of 2000 with a filter of <surname=“smith” and before 1800 >. The top line of tabs are the names of different formats of table that the user can design in Pedigree. In this case, it is designed to look like an IGI microfiche for checking against your own data.

Tables can also be filled for fast browsing on screen, like a spreadsheet.

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